With the belief that innovative business can bring social change, FDMT was founded in 2002.  We quickly became an award-winning business recognized by HSBC, Shell, etc.

Today, FDMT's evolved into a number of interdependent organizations with the same mission:

Advance career education

University consulting firm since 2002


Administratively under Fundamentum Limited, FDMT Consulting has been commissioned by university science, engineering, arts, social science and business departments to offer discipline-specific career education. 

To date, our clients include all UGC-funded universities and a number of self-financed colleges. 

20+ testimonials from faculty members and staff are available upon request.​



AI-empowered discipline-specific career education

for undergraduate and taught master students

Introducing the 40+ career prospects open to your specific major, tailored jobEX helps:


  • Inspire clarity and confidence in your major among existing students

  • Promote your department among prospective students in secondary schools


Career-&-Life-Planning workshops covering specific university majors

Sponsor / Launch

Quality yet free workshops



CLP workshops in university campuses

for school-nominated F5 students

Secondary school

Targeted students

Expected DSE scores

Interest in specific majors

Student nominations

Nomination efforts < 45 min per workshop

Our unique assets

200+ secondary schools, ever increasing



Across all bands, all districts (except Islands, yet)

School list available upon request


Light workloads


Secondary schools expected to spend 45-min in nomination / workshop / yr


University faculty members focus on decision making. Workshop preparation is welcomed but not required.


180+ career professions


Reinforce confidence to choose interested university major


Motivate students to another level with solid facts in the job market


Non-profit organization established by FDMT


FDMT Pathfinder Ltd helps

  • Steer career education in the public sector

  • Launch BlueSky or other voluntary programs encouraging students make informed choices of study and career steered by a precise understanding of university majors and their career prospects, as well as encourages students to identify their academic passions and interests at a young age. 


Sponsored by FDMT, the FDMT Employer Atlas can be accessed without limitation during our training programs.

Empowering our mission with R&D


FDMT Research center for International Career Education (RICE) is part of FDMT Consulting.  Supported by our Advisory Board for Career Education, it empowers the mission of FDMT through research & development, covering


  • product development for both FDMT Consulting and Pathfinder

  • global employer and industry research for the FDMT Employer Atlas,

  • EdTech development to continually enhance Robotic Process Automation, AI-based employer classification, etc 

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 2.54.06 PM.png

Employer Atlas

An educational employer database which daily analyzes and classifies 8000+ graduate employers into 240+ employer sectors and 180+ professions across 20+ major cities worldwide


RPA, AI ... to make our services smart, and operation simple, creative & enjoyable


Product development

Continual improvement of Work and jobEX as the most effective student training programs in the schedule best fits the academic calendar


Why we do what we do?

FDMT exists to bridge a knowledge gap:

The expectation of a narrow career outcome, and the large selection of professions graduates can go for in reality.  

Rather than being purely profit-driven, our passion is to be a social innovator to sustainably close this gap, enabling:

  • A clearer path to success for Generation Y

  • Better admissions results for universities, and

  • More committed employees in the workforce.


FDMT was founded in 2003 by Almon Kwan,

an award-winning entrepreneur, a former multinational executive and a certified trainer.

Before, Almon was a regional manager of HP Asia Pacific and Intel. He was an Action Learning Coach certified by the World Institute of Action Learning, Washington D.C., USA, as well as a Shell LiveWIRE entrepreneur award winner. With decades of director experience, he is a Fellow of Hong Kong Institute of Directors, a retired member of HKUST Court, and a Hong Kong Red Cross Y&V Committee.


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Our values


Design products, manage relationships and conflicts with a win-win mindset that is neither aggressive nor compromising.


Focus on the ultimate value creation above everything else: competition, status quo, etc and be ultra effective.

"Stay hungry.  Stay foolish."

Good enough

never is

Ceaselessly make our services, workflow and workplace better and better.  We strive to be the best at what we do. 

 FDMT comes from the word ‘FunDaMenTum’.​  The word is created from 'Momentum' and 'Fundament' for our company, to signify our commitment to be driven by authentic motivation.  ​We believe this is the sustainable motivation which brings fulfilling success.​

Unique internship: FDMT Bluebird


Part-time (4-8 hours per week), flexible location | Starting from year 1 or year 2 until graduation

For IT-related undergraduate, MPhil or PhD students.   Non-IT positions are also available

Simple application: Fill out a form and we will reach out to you within 72 hours for an interview.


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